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​​We eliminate flat head together!

We are on the mission to make sure every single baby can thrive!

Flat head is not only about cosmetics but studies have shown it is associated with vision issues, ear complications, and jaw malfunction. Unfortunately, evaluating for flat head is not part of pediatricians' routine checkup. Almost 1 in every 35 baby undergo helmet therapy in the US, wearing an expensive helmet for months, 23 hours a day! Why should that be?

Only a few minutes a week will save parents and their sweet little ones a tremendous hassle. Our SoftSpot app will solve this issue.

​1 in every 2 baby develops flat head That is what made us serious to solve this now and forever! ​At PediaMetrix, we want to help parents become aware of how important their babies' head growth is in the first year. Our SoftSpot app will provide a user-friendly easy-to-use platform for busy parents to monitor their babies' head shape and growth in the first year. It will provide them with just the right amount of information about their own babies' head growth patterns; provide them with practical easy instructions on appropriate baby resting positions customized to their baby's unique head shape; and refer them to the right professionals in their area only if necessary! That happens only rarely if parents download our app during the first weeks of their babies' birth. Even if not, we'll help them recover with the least amount of effort possible! Parents can now rest assured one of the most important factors in their babies development is well taken care of with an easy-to-use app tailored for today's busy parents.


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