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SoftSpot Kits for Additional 10 Patients

Discover the SoftSpot Box, your essential tool for precision in pediatric head shape measurements. Each box includes ten individual SoftSpot kits designed for single-patient use, allowing for accurate assessments of infant cranial development.


Key Features:

  • FDA-Cleared: Trust in a clinically validated solution that supports early detection and management of head shape irregularities such as plagiocephaly.
  • Easy-to-Use App: Parents can conveniently measure their child's head shape from home, directly sending detailed reports to pediatricians for quick review.
  • Insurance Reimbursement Support: Utilize provided codes for abnormal reports, ensuring practices and families benefit from cost-effective care.
  • Dedicated Onboarding: Each purchase includes a comprehensive 30-min session to seamlessly integrate SoftSpot into your practice, enhancing patient engagement and care efficiency.


The SoftSpot Box revolutionizes pediatric head shape monitoring, combining user-friendly technology with clinical accuracy. Perfect for practices committed to offering innovative care, it simplifies the measurement process, making it more accessible and less invasive. Elevate your pediatric service with SoftSpot, where advanced technology and compassionate care meet.



* Subscription price is subject to change with prior notification sent to the customer. Unlimited use means fair usage based on the average patient volume per provider in the US.

SoftSpot Kits for Additional 10 Patients

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