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Medium Risk

Thank You for Completing Our Assessment!


Your proactive approach to your child's health is invaluable. Your quiz results show risk factors, indicating a Medium Risk level for your child's head shape development. This highlights the importance of careful monitoring and possibly preventive measures.


What's Next?

Accurately measuring the Cranial Index (CI) and Cranial Vault Asymmetry Index (CVAI) through our SoftSpot app is a critical step. These metrics enable healthcare professionals to devise the best care plan for your child.

*Trusted by Dr. Brooke Boruff, OT, behind Infant Insights.

Identified Risk

Take Action

  1. Download the SoftSpot app now.

   2. Create a comprehensive head shape report like this:


   3. Consult with your healthcare provider to discuss the findings and next steps.


Need Assistance? We're here for you. Contact us at for any questions or support.


Your child's health journey is important to us. Let's ensure they thrive.

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The SoftSpot report provides parents with precise, objective measurements of their child's head shape, enabling early detection, monitoring, and informed discussions with healthcare providers about potential head shape anomalies.

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