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Is your practice missing a tool that accurately and quantitatively measures head shape?

SoftSpot®: The first and only mobile app cleared by the FDA for Cranial Measurements


Reassure parents and make objective assessment with an FDA-cleared tool that can easily be done at home or in the office using a smartphone!

Late detection results in intensive & expensive treatments!

SoftSpot addresses the pressing concern of head shape abnormalities in infants, such as plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and scaphocephaly. By measuring the head early, SoftSpot informs parents to take proactive steps in preventing and treating these common yet overlooked conditions. Through repositioning and conservative treatment, infants with flat head can grow with healthier head symmetry.


Early Conservative Therapy


No Special Tools Needed

Highly Effective (~ 77%) [1]

Usually works before 4 months

[1]Steinberg JP, Rawlani R, Humphries LS, Rawlani V, Vicari FA. Effectiveness of conservative therapy and helmet therapy for positional cranial deformation. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2015;135(3):833-42.


Helmet Therapy

Costly: +$2,000


Usually prescribed after 4 Months


Must be worn 23 hours per day for a few months


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Reimbursement concerns?
We can help!

Use ICD-10-CM Q67.3 (Plagiocephaly) + 99213 E/M code* every time you review a concern!

*(add a modifier 25 if it happens during a well visit)


SoftSpot is a mobile app developed by PediaMetrix for monitoring infant head shape measurements. Parents and providers use the app to take pictures of their baby's head, which the app analyzes for measurements. The associated kit includes caps for improving image accuracy. SoftSpot provides cranial measurement as early as one month of age, which can be used for early detection and potential early intervention for head shape irregularities in conjunction with other clinical methods.

Use in-office or have parents take photos from home

Catch cranial deformities early and monitor progress

Less cost for the patient and a better outcome

Create up to $360/patient extra revenue

Reassure parents about their baby's health

Experts Review

Experts Review

"I can't tell you how much my patients have appreciated me using SoftSpot. It has allowed me to focus more on attention to early intervention for head shape abnormalities, and I hope you have the same experience and engage your patients in the process."

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Dr. Susan Sirota, MD, FAAP

CEO of PediaTrust and a pediatric expert with over 30 years of experience 

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What does the report look like?



  • What is SoftSpot, and how can it help me monitor my baby's head shape?
    SoftSpot is an app that uses your phone's camera to take photos and subsequently generate reports that measure your baby's head shape. The report, in conjunction with other clinical methods, is used to identify any potential asymmetries or flat spots, which can be early signs of plagiocephaly. This information can be valuable for discussing any concerns with your pediatrician and proactively supporting your baby's health.
  • Is SoftSpot compatible with my smartphone?
    Absolutely! SoftSpot is versatile and compatible, designed for both Android and iOS platforms, making it accessible on a wide range of smartphones.
  • Is my data safe with SoftSpot?
    Yes, your data's security and confidentiality are paramount to us. SoftSpot employs robust security protocols and is compliant with HIPAA and other data privacy standards to ensure your baby's information is rigorously protected.
  • How accurate are SoftSpot's head shape measurements?
    SoftSpot analyzes photos using advanced algorithms for precise measurements. It is FDA 510k-cleared and supported by scientific publications and clinical studies.
  • Can SoftSpot help me detect plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome)?
    Yes, SoftSpot can help you and your provider detect plagiocephaly early by allowing you to measure the Cranial Index (CI) and Cranial Vault Asymmetry Index (CVAI). Early identification can lead to more timely and effective interventions. Please note that SoftSpot is intended to calculate and display physical measurements of the head for interpretation by a qualified user in conjunction with other clinical methods.
  • Is SoftSpot suitable for all babies? Is there an age limit?
    SoftSpot is FDA-cleared for infants from one month to 2 years old. It is particularly beneficial for infants up to 6-7 months old, a critical period for head shape development, but remains a valuable tool for monitoring head growth at any age within the cleared range.
  • Is SoftSpot easy for non-tech-savvy parents?
    Yes, SoftSpot is a measurement tool that is designed to be user-friendly for everyone, regardless of technical expertise. The interface is simple and intuitive, guiding you through taking pictures and viewing reports. Clear instructions and support are available to help you navigate the app confidently.
  • How often should I use SoftSpot to monitor my baby's head?
    Consistent monitoring is critical, so using SoftSpot once a month is generally recommended. Your pediatrician might advise different frequencies based on your baby's individual needs.
  • How does the consultation with a physical therapist work, and what can I expect from it?
    At SoftSpot, we offer three tailored consultation sessions with our physical therapists to support your baby's head development journey. Our free consultation guides you through the measurement process and helps you utilize the SoftSpot app effectively. The result review session delves into a detailed analysis of your baby's SoftSpot report, offering insights and recommendations. For continuous support, our follow-up sessions provide ongoing guidance, monitoring progress, and updating techniques as needed. Each session is designed to cater to your specific needs, ensuring you have the right support at every stage of your baby’s development. Schedule your consultation today to ensure the best care and guidance for your baby’s head development.

Educational Content and Assessment

SoftSpot's Team Selected Publications:

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