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SoftSpot®: The first and only mobile app cleared by the FDA for Cranial Measurements


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Get a SoftSpot kit that includes monthly scans, two caps, and a referral code to activate your app. You can also book consultation sessions to make sure you are on the right track. Recommended for all newborns!


SoftSpot addresses the pressing concern of head shape abnormalities in infants, such as plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and scaphocephaly. These conditions, often resulting from external pressures on the soft skulls of young infants, can lead to long-term cosmetic and developmental issues. By measuring the head early, SoftSpot informs parents to take proactive steps in preventing and treating these common yet overlooked conditions. Through repositioning and conservative treatment, infants with flat head can grow with healthier head symmetry.



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SoftSpot transforms the way you measure your baby's head development at home. This innovative app, backed by computer vision technology, is FDA-cleared. SoftSpot accurately measures the shape of your baby's head, providing you with reliable measurements. Embrace the future of infant head shape development with SoftSpot.

Inside Your Purchase:

Receive a SoftSpot kit, including two caps and a referral code to activate your app for comprehensive head shape monitoring.

How it Works

Discover the convenient journey to monitor your baby's head development with SoftSpot. Our innovative app offers a user-friendly experience, ensuring you're always one step ahead in your baby's health and well-being.

Step 1:
Purchase and Download

Buy the SoftSpot Kit and download the app for a seamless start. (

Step 2:
Capture and Upload Photos

Take and upload baby's head photos using the provided caps.

Step 3:
Receive Detailed Report

Access the report for insights on your baby's head shape.

Step 4:
Schedule Your Consultation

Book an online session with a specialist for a tailored consultation.

Experts Review

"I can't tell you how much my patients have appreciated me using SoftSpot. It has allowed me to focus more on attention to early intervention for head shape abnormalities, and I hope you have the same experience and engage your patients in the process."

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Dr. Susan Sirota, MD, FAAP

CEO of PediaTrust and a pediatric expert with over 30 years of experience 

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Customer Testimonials

"SoftSpot is EXACTLY the kind of app I have been looking for and was frantically searching for a few months back. As a new mom with so many other things to stress over (SIDS, Daycare, feedings, etc), this helped reduce some stress greatly."



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