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We Bring AI &Computer Vision to Pediatric Health

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Our Mission

We advocate for empowered parents & pediatric clinicians no matter where they are through smart digital health solutions for pediatric care. All parents and pediatric providers should be given access to accurate and reliable diagnostic tools at the point-of-care. We will make that happen. Our deep technical expertise provides the infrastructure for all of the applications in our product pipeline.

Meet The Team

Fereshteh Aalamifar, PhD


Founder & CEO

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Fereshteh has a PhD from Johns Hopkins University and work experience at the Children's Hospital and National Institutes of Health. She has a passion for bringing technology to childcare and founded PediaMetrix out of a personal experience as a mother.


Marius G. Linguraru, DPhil


Co-founder & CIO

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Marius has successfully guided scientific innovation to clinical applications as Principal Investigator at Children's National and Professor at George Washington University. He specialized in quantitative medical imaging at Oxford, Harvard and the NIH, and loves working with teams of clinicians, scientists and engineers to help children grow healthy and happy.


Hossein Hezaveh, PhD


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Hossein has a PhD from Princeton University with years of experience in algorithm development and validation. He is passionate about making a difference in children's life. (3).jpg

Reza Seifabadi, PhD

Co-founder & COO

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Reza has extensive background in medical device field and brings 10 years of work experience at NIH, Johns Hopkins, and Children's Hospital of Washington DC. He was trained as an entrepreneur in medical device industry and is inventor of 7 US patents.


Chris Daly, MBA

Business Advisor

(Sales & Marketing)

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Chris is a C-suite business executive with over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing, and sales, specially in pediatric digital health. He holds a BA with Distinction from Cornell University and an MHS  in Health Finance and Management from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.


Kelly Wilburn, MD, FAAP


Clinical Advisor

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Dr. Kelly Wilburn is a board certified pediatrician in Atlanta and affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area. She received her medical degree in 2001 and have been practicing in pediatrics since 2004. She is also a fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics.


Amu Fowler

Business Advisor

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Executive Director of Startup Ignite, and startup activist & evangelist. Passionate about all things startup. 

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Lokesh Kumar

Business Advisor

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Lokesh Kumar is a long time technology and business professional, passionate about solving problems that impact customers' lives. He is currently Co Founder and SVP of Technology at, a Global Mobility Assistance company. 

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